Observing The Universe Within

Cultural Input Destroys The Human Function and Corrupts Genetic Memory

Cultural Input has destroyed the Human Function & Corrupted Genetic Memory Spirituality in the west, isn’t spirituality, but a search for the permanence of happiness and tranquility. People are interested in psychological comfort, so others package it, label it using some Asiatic or Sanskrit word, sell it to the spiritually bankrupt, and become very successful and rich while doing so. There is a high demand for this, for gurus and saviors and guides and meditation masters and energy healers.

The Search That Leads Us Nowhere

“Ne te quaesiveris extra”. “Do not seek of things outside of yourself.” The West is lost. The East is lost. Everyone is lost and I have found myself. I’m neither free nor am I enslaved. I’m neither spiritual nor enlightened. I have only ever always been in my “Natural” state. The authentic and true state of the organism. There is nothing thought can produce that brings happiness. Happiness is a product of thought, and thought is ever divisive and nothing more than the confliction of existence.