Observing The Universe Within

The Love Of A Mother

The question of gratitude is the question of love, and for the man or woman who loves one and not another, there is the deepest sorrow, the most profound pain. And the love of a mother is like a flower which blossoms to give its fragrance to every passer-by whether he be from here or there, of this color or that color, of this particular type or that. The flower of the love of a mother gives its fragrance to all, and if one is wise one will breathe that fragrance, bask in it, rejoice in it, live in it, exist in it, and die in it.

DMT Ponderings

Raw Thoughts I write a lot of crap. I need to start cleaning up my blog. :/ Admittedly, I’ve kept myself ignorant of anyone else’s work on DMT. I wanted to remain completely ignorant of any knowledge in the domain of science, as it did not want it to contaminate my research. I am planning on reading the research on it after I’ve finished my book. I’m near completion.

Every meditation technique is deceiving you

“Show me a great man and I will show you a monkey of his own ideals.” - Friedrich Nietzsche This ridiculous thing called the “self”, this greedy thing called the “I” wants to somehow persist and perpetuate itself by presiding over its own dissolution. Every yoga practice is your mind playing tricks on you. Every meditation technique is deceiving you. You will not and cannot understand. This is your very real tragedy.

How Do You Know That You Have Thoughts

“How does one know that one has ‘thought’?” How does one recognize ‘thought’? How does one recognize experience? Does it not imply in recognition that there is knowledge, which is thought, which is the response of memory? When do we recognize thought? And when do we recognize experience? When I look within myself, I find that there is nothing here. I have no ‘self’ that can identify any state or sensation, no fixed point of activity, yet I am the central fixed axis of the Universe.

Psychedelic Phoenix

I stand here for all humanity as I say that a beautiful woman is coming to dinner at my humble abode, that a magnificent man wishes to brighten my doorstep, that a young babe or even a ghastly brute shall happenstance upon my shed… I would not want to please my guests. I do not wish to please my guests. Never would I wish upon such a vile and disgusting act.