Divine Masculine Divine Feminine Starry Night

The Divine Masculine & The Divine Feminine When else might ever be such evening, such stars, such beauty? Let your soul gaze into mine. Come and listen to my heart’s yearnings. This colorful drama of the diamonds of dusk sleeps in the branches of the mighty oak by the water. The starry night is lost in her thoughts. And after a while, she will get tired and leave; this night of spring will never come back.

When I Opened My Mind I Died

When I Opened My Mind I Died I have captured the four elements in all dimensions, yet I am strapped into the Earth. Gazing into myself, the Universe is but a speck of dust. My longing for emptiness falls into the abyss. My suffering is in the construction of myself. I reach for great heights and fall from the monuments I build. The Apparition in this Flesh stands here before me.