Every meditation technique is deceiving you

“Show me a great man and I will show you a monkey of his own ideals.” - Friedrich Nietzsche This ridiculous thing called the “self”, this greedy thing called the “I” wants to somehow persist and perpetuate itself by presiding over its own dissolution. Every yoga practice is your mind playing tricks on you. Every meditation technique is deceiving you. You will not and cannot understand. This is your very real tragedy.

Meditation And Yoga Are Dangerous And Will Kill You

When Hash says that Meditation is the Most Pleasurable evil ever shone upon the man, you ridicule him. When Hash says that Meditation is far more dangerous than any psychotropic drug, you laugh at him. When Hash says that he has personally seen people go mad, jump off cliffs, hang themselves, stab themselves, simply because they meditated for “true”, you think he’s full of shit. You view me just as another man like yourself.

Why Do We Meditate

We meditate because we want order. And since order comes from understanding, and understanding comes from observation and observation is effortless, meditation must by definition a ...

The Awareness of Inattention is Attention

Why Must You Pay Attention? To What? The very moment that you become aware of the fact that you’re not paying attention to your thoughts… you become aware of them. This is the most important attention you’ll ever pay. There was a time when I bought into the idea that I was ADD and/or ADHD. They constantly told me, that I’m not paying attention and that I have trouble paying attention.