The Psychology of Meditation

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The Psychology of Meditation I wonder if we can go into this problem together. Meditation. What is meditation? Why do we meditate? What is the point? What are we trying to control? What is the Psychology of Control? What does meditation mean? What does it entail? What does it do for us? What are the true psychological underpinnings of this entire enterprise which has become such a fad as of late?

Observing The Universe Within

The Psychology of Meditation

The Psychology of Meditation

I wonder if we can go into this problem together. Meditation. What is meditation? Why do we meditate? What is the point? What are we trying to control? What is the Psychology of Control? What does meditation mean? What does it entail? What does it do for us? What are the true psychological underpinnings of this entire enterprise which has become such a fad as of late?

Meditation means to observe. It is to engage in contemplation or reflection, and to ponder over.

This is quite an intriguing, intricate and complicated problem. We ought to be very clear, it seems to me, about what it is that we are trying to do by meditating or using meditation. From meditation, what are we looking for? What are we seeking? What are we trying to gain?

We are always seeking and looking for something. For the religiously inclined, or the scientist, the skeptic, the questioner, seeking has become quite a dilemma and an issue of extraordinary proportions. What are we seeking, then? I think that it must be made crystal clear and completely understood before we discuss further the psychological underpinnings of meditation and why one should meditate at all, what is the use of meditation and where does it get you?

Meditation is part of the world. It is a word which implies a meaning. Let us first examine the world around us. The world is made of meaning, and therefore language. Meaning and thus language construct reality. How do they do that? They do so through modalities of imparting themselves through physical manifestations of themselves. Anything that is synthesized as the constructed reality through the organs of sense perception or the psychedelic reality deeply inside your consciousness, Language is the means to convey that reality, which are our thoughts and emotions guiding our behaviors through spacetime.

Let us examine our language. The words seek, seeking, searching, looking, and run after have a certain implication. In a sense we already know the thing that we are seeking. Therefore there is a pre-determination about that object of desire. When we say that we are seeking the Truth, or what we are seeking God if we are religiously minded, or we are seeking the answer to everything if we are a scientist, or seeking a good life if we are spiritual, whatever ‘good’ means, then don’t we by definition and necessity already know that which we are after; it’s very form, its existence, its core, its very substance, its very idea and shape and texture and color and contours? So in this ‘search’ we have already implied that we have lost something dear to us and that we are going to find it by searching it out. When we shall find it we shall be able to recognize it, which means we’ve already known it - so all that you had to do was go after it.

The Universal truth that dawns upon the monkey during his psychedelic states is this; the first thing to recognize and realize about the seeking is to not seek. The seeking and what you seek is predetermined by you, what you desire, what you wish, what you want; that which is lost and must be found. This predetermination creates an image of that which we are after, then we start to chase and run after it. If we are sad, we seek out happiness. If we are lonely we seek out companionship. If we are in despair, we search out hope. Anything that will sustain us, we seek out. But the real truth is that one should never seek. So this seeking becomes a problem, as it introduces a pre-determination into the mind. The mind is already weighed down by the thought of seeking, so it can never observe without prejudice.

Therefore in meditation, before it even begins, every single desire to seek, to look, to search out… to accomplish… every single form of a search must come to an end for all time and eternity. Else a mind encumbered by the desire of seeking can never observe

What is Meditation?

We didn’t know meditation or meditative techniques until someone gave us the method, thought, formula, or the discipline. So first we must admit, we have no idea what meditation is. We must utter the three most beautiful words in the English language, “I don’t know.”

Observation of mind and body cannot happen if this observation does not come from within. If you are observing according to someone else’s method or advice, you really are not observing yourself but are observing what the other person has said, and through that, you are non-observing. Therefore there is no self-knowing in this. This holds nothing of value on any level in any shape or form. Every single meditative principal and technique rendered useless when scrutinized at the quantum level of consciousness, that which is pure thought itself.

We have been taught that meditation is control. We must control our minds, our thoughts, our breathing, push thoughts aside and empty the mind. To shed oneself of attachments… The ultimate attachment is to ourselves. Can we let go of ourselves and to the things we hold dear and sacred? To our thoughts? Our conclusions? The fact that we rely on our experiences and carry a corpse of our past over our shoulders by which we judge the present moment and never really live? Can we let go of this ultimate attachment? To this body? To this mind? And to its own projections?

The Quantum View of Consciousness

Even before we can say that there is an observer or the observed, first we have the act of observation, which produces the observer and the observed as one. Without the act of observation, there is no existence. Quantum science and spirituality agree on this wholeheartedly. So this very act of observation produces existence. In the field of existence, which is the field of consciousness, there exists the quantum unit of consciousness, thought. Thought is the quanta of consciousness. Every single structure that is build, is built atop the constructs of thought.

Every single thing in existence, including existence itself is a construct of thought. Every feeling and every emotion, every idea and every system of thought, every morality and every concept in philosophy, every dogma of religion and every orthodoxy of science, everything in the field of existence is created by thought. The field of existence is consciousness which is a product of thoughts.

We have been led to believe by modern science that the Universe is made of particles and matter and electrons and quarks. Be that as it may in the physical realm, in the totality of existence including every other realm, everything is actually made of thought. Thought is the particle of consciousness that builds everything.

What is an electron? A product of thought. What is a quark? A product of thought. All of this exists within us as thought. Without thought, the particles doen’t exist. Without the act of observation, there is no existence. Thought is the building block of the entire Universe and everything that we know within it. I hold now and forever that thought is the basic unit of consciousness.

Existence: The Act of Observation

The act of observation produces the obeserver and the observed. They exist as one which is existence. The act of observation is key to existence. Within this field of existence, there is discontinuity, because there is not one thought, but infinite thoughts. Existence is a discontinuity in nature. This dicontinuity produces uncertainty. This uncertainty is a product of the movement of thought.

When thought moves about in the field of existence, this produces a distortion and disorder. Consider the Quantum Wave. It’s a distortion witin this field. This very distortion is produced by the movement of thought. This uncertainty now produces a conflict within, a distortion in the field of existence. This distortion and disorder produce fear. Fear demands security. Security demands belief. Belief demands invention and adherence.

This is where the mind starts to construct all sorts of constructs out of thought, such as beliefs, hopes, ideas, philosophies, religions, sciences, ideologies. This is a result of existing. Existence is uncertainty. We simply have no idea what is going on. No one has any idea what is going on. We invent all of these things as a form of security to comfort our fears which are produced by uncertainty. I hope we can all observe all of these various nodes in this network of escapes we have created for ourselves.

The only thing that is real is observation. In any realm, physical or spiritual… without observation, the very act of observation, nothing exists. Without the act of observation, there is no osbserver and there is no observed. Observation makes them exist as one.

The Quantum Wave Function of Consciousness: Thought

What I am talking about is very difficult for most people to understand because they have been conditioned to believe that order comes from control. This is untrue. The order comes from understanding disorder. So how can we bring out an order without control? The order can only ever exist when we understand the disorder of existence. The origin of a disorder. The birthplace of a disorder.

The disorder is within. The disorder is within the mind. The disorder comes from ignorance. The disorder is born of not knowing ‘what is’ and what ‘it is about’… and what it’s about… is you! You. So if disorder comes from ignorance, and if disorder comes from the lack of understanding of ‘what is’, then order must come from the understanding of ‘what is’ - that which is you. You. The disorder is conflict, which is to ourselves, and to understand this conflict is not to overcome it, not to hold it down, not to suppress it, but simply to observe it.

Observation, the act that produces existence is effortless. The effort is created by thought within existence. Thought is effort. Effort distorts and brings about disorder. This is why control will always bring out disorder and conflict. Control is effort. Therefore a calming of this distortion and this order comes about without effort and without contortion, without conflict.

Every System of Meditation Is Rubbish

There are many schools of meditative thought in India, in Asian countries, in Pakistan, in South America and elsewhere that have become popular in this country too, where are you are being taught how to be aware and attentive by some Indian or Asian guru or master. It’s become such a fad. Like Deepak Chopra or Jaggi Vasudev Sathguru. Just examine the terms. Guru. Yogi. Don’t they seem self-indulgent and pompous to you? Don’t they? Arrogant and self-congratulatory titles that mean nothing?

You need a mind completely able to stand alone on its own, not infected by the viral alien contamination of the ideas and conclusions of others.

We have been told by some wandering guru or yogi …from India or Asia that you should meditate… and Deepak Chopra or Sathguru or any of these self proclaimed yogis gives you a formula, and you, unfortunately out of your greed… and it is greed and nothing else, follow him, give him your money, buy his books and videos and he gets rich off of you. What do you gain? Years of constant battle with your own mind and body, while you give your life savings to someone who has absolutely no idea what’s going on.

You need a mind unburdened by the propaganda of others, the ideas of others, the thoughts of others, the conclusions of others, the formulas of others and even the experiences of others. You need a mind unencumbered by even its own projections and experiences and its own past.

Do not join the ranks of the countless who think that their answers will come from the minds and formulas of some self-proclaimed guru or yogi

If I may humbly and respectufully request, please sirs and madams, do not join anything. Don’t join any group, any organization or follow anyone who says they can teach you how to meditate. There is no meditative technique on the planet that works for anything meaningful because as we said, meditation without observation is self-hypnosis and self-hypnosis has never been useful. Those who claim it has been useful were fooled into thinking that, but it was an awareness that pulled them through, not self-hypnosis or meditation.

Refuse them. Reject them. For they are not real. They will lead you down a dark path where you will constantly battle your mind. They claim that it took them 40 years to reach enlightenment. And they take pride in the fact that they wasted their life battling their mind and body because they were too mindless to try and understand what meditation is and why it must be done, and most importantly how it must be done.

Why Do We Meditate? What is the Point?

Before we can get to that, we must examine the point of the Universe. One point of the Universe is chaos. Entropy. Disorder. But this is not a Universal disorder. So if the point of the Universe is chaos, then by definition we are chaotic. We are in disorder. So what is the goal of meditation? Order. That which is the virtue of righteousness and order. Order, virtue, and righteousness that come out of understanding the deeply rooted underpinnings of disorder are the most important understanding one could ever gain. This disorder produces despair.

We meditate because we are in despair. When we are in despair, we seek hope. But that is not the right way. When in despair, understand and observe despair. Do not hide from it. Do not run from it. Do not shelter yourself from despair. Observe it. Because it is only in the understanding of despair that you find hope. It is only when you gain an understanding of ‘what is’ that despair vanishes and transforms into hope. In our greed, we follow blindly and never think to observe our own minds. You must not allow yourself to slip into the comfortable, the familiar, the easy, the lazy, the meaningless and the useless. You must demand of your mind this arduous task, which is simultaneously the easiest thing you’ll ever do, yet it seems almost impossible. But almost. Only almost.

Meditation without the harmony of the brain, the emotions, and the body becomes nothing more than self-hypnosis.

If you practice any technique told to you, you become what the technique offers and promises, and what it offers is not truth. The truth is alive and thriving but the method is always mechanical. You become a mechanistic reductionist image of your former observant self. In the practice itself while watching yourself, there is the one that practices and the thing to be practiced, therefore it introduces the division I spoke of earlier, therefore conflict, therefore distortion, therefore disorder which gives rise despair and therefore the search… the seeking… the very things that destroy the mind and the concept of meditation. The observer and the observe exist as one, so if we introduce a division, it produces a conflict.

We meditate because we want order. And since order comes from understanding, and understanding comes from observation and observation is effortless, meditation must by definition also be effortless.

What is the Psychology of Control?

In every meditative technique, you’re ever told, you’re told to control your thoughts. You are told to control your breathing. You are told to control your body. This is the main problem in the world. People have no idea what meditation is, why they meditate, and what meditation brings forth. They simply jump into it out of greed. All these various meditative practices, Tibeten meditation, Zen meditation, Buddhist meditation, Breathwork this, Energy healing that… and it’s ALL RUBBISH. All of it. Before getting further into it, let us discuss why we are told to control and more importantly, what is control?

Control by definition implies suppression, or exclusion, or rejection and most importantly a division. A division between the controller and the thing that is to be controlled, therefore conflict between the controller and the controlled, therefore disorder. If you understand what this is about, you will understand the Universe in whole. And what this is about, is you. Always you!

The most important thing to note here, that which escapes the notice of most people, is that the controller is the controlled. And when you realize this truth, all conflict vanishes because control vanishes. Every form of control, therefore every form of search comes to an end. When control ends, there is the ending of division between the controller and the controlled, which no longer exist as separate entities, but as one, joined together as it was the moment the Universe bore you. When the controller and the controlled are joined as one, the observer becomes the observed and the observed becomes the observer.

This is the foundation of meditation. So what is Meditation?

Meditation is the lack of conflict.

Meditation is the lack of desire.

Meditation is the lack of seeking.

Meditation is the lack of control.

Mediation is pure untainted observation.

There must be that. This is vital and essential. All this is necessary… because then the mind, including the brain, the emotions, are in complete harmony. They must be, otherwise, meditation becomes self-hypnosis. This is a very demanding, tremendously difficult inward discipline that is arduous at best; Learning, not learning from another, but learning by observing what is going on in yourself. The phenomenon of life within you must be observed first and foremost, before the mind and it’s produced thoughts can be observed. And that observation is not possible is there any form of a formula, or technique, or discipline, or conclusion or prejudice ACCORDING to which you are observing.

What does meditation mean for The Stoned Ape?

Self inquiry.

My goal isn’t to fight my body or my mind. I don’t try to quiet my mind. I don’t try to push my thoughts aside. I don’t try to regulate my breathing. All of these are forms of control and control is your worst enemy. Since everything starts with the sensation of breathing as it is the most vital to our life force so all you to do is listen to your body and it will tell you how it needs to breathe. You do not have to force anything. You do not have to control anything. You do not need to do anything other than paying attention to your body and the force of life within it. Listen to your monkey body. Don’t tell your body to regulate your breathing. Your body will tell you this.

Let the mind listen to it. Once you start listening to your body, once you to worship each and every sensation in your body, you will start to feel the One Consciousness. Let your mind wonder. Don’t focus on your thoughts. Thoughts are self-indulgent. Let them go… and most importantly let them flow. Just watch them. Don’t just listen to your thoughts. Watch them reach whatever natural end that they do.

The mind has to understand what is going on in the field of existence. The psychological field. The field of it’s own thoughts and therefore it must be aware of what is going on without distortion, without choice, without resentment, without bitterness, without explanation or justification. The mind must just observe unhindered from judgments of anything and anyone else including your own. Simply observe.

There is where every other meditative technique fails. If you practice any technique told to you, you become what the method offers and promises, and what the method offers is not Truth, because Truth is Existence and Observation and Understanding, the Truth is a breathing, living and thriving thing, but the method is mechanical, and you become a mechanistic reductionist image of your former self. And if you practice it, in the practice itself, watching yourself, there is the one that practices and the thing to be practiced, therefore it introduces the division I spoke of earlier, therefore conflict arises, therefore it creates distortion, therefore it gives rise to internal disorder which gives rise to external disorder.

Please understand that, because any technique, any formula, any methodology, any systematic approach, soon becomes repetitive and mechanical, it doesn’t matter who gives that formula or that system. They tell you to control your breathing. They tell you to regulate your breathing. They tell you to quiet the mind. They tell you to push aside any thoughts and focus on regulating your breathing. And all of this is rubbish. The only real Universal truth; an answer to the question, ‘what is?’ is you. Yourself. Your body. Your brain. Your mind. The body is your only true god. Worship your body.

Therefore I humbly and respectufully request that you don’t accept any system from anybody. Don’t accept any method or formula from anybody.

That’s right monkeys, this means you have to observe without any support, without any encouragement, without any outside influence.