Observing The Universe Within

Psychedelic Sexuality

Psychedelic #Sexuality Why you should masturbate and have lots of sex? It is true to the body. It is the Primal Calling of the mystery known as the body. Why is intimacy very important? It is true to the body. It is the primal call of the body. We are an extremely sexual primate and we must not suppress ourselves. Culture, religion, ideologies, philosophies, and thoughts of any kind suppress our true primate nature.

Feminism is The Natural Thought Process - Conversations on Feminist Ideology and the Toxicology of Isms

Feminism. A devastating and underestimated force. Why is Feminism viewed solely as a woman’s business? Nature is feminine and therefore Feminism is not even about women… Feminism is about femininity and transposing the feminine difference engine of the mind into our everyday thinking, decision-making and our spiritual polity and social policy. The most natural way is simply to bring women into the fold, but that isn’t even how it’s going to be done.

Divine Masculine Divine Feminine Starry Night

The Divine Masculine & The Divine Feminine When else might ever be such evening, such stars, such beauty? Let your soul gaze into mine. Come and listen to my heart’s yearnings. This colorful drama of the diamonds of dusk sleeps in the branches of the mighty oak by the water. The starry night is lost in her thoughts. And after a while, she will get tired and leave; this night of spring will never come back.

Everything Exists As A Radiance Of Your Constitute

You House Within You The Entire Contents of The Universe I get stoned :D and put on some Goa music, and just sit there. That’s it. Just sit. Do nothing. I don’t do anything. I don’t push thoughts aside, I don’t do any breathing exercises, I don’t sit in any goofy poses… I do nothing. I just sit here. Just to sit. shrug Just to sit and do nothing for 3-4 hours.