DMT Ponderings

Raw Thoughts I write a lot of crap. I need to start cleaning up my blog. :/ Admittedly, I’ve kept myself ignorant of anyone else’s work on DMT. I wanted to remain completely ignorant of any knowledge in the domain of science, as it did not want it to contaminate my research. I am planning on reading the research on it after I’ve finished my book. I’m near completion.

Psychedelic Phoenix

I stand here for all humanity as I say that a beautiful woman is coming to dinner at my humble abode, that a magnificent man wishes to brighten my doorstep, that a young babe or even a ghastly brute shall happenstance upon my shed… I would not want to please my guests. I do not wish to please my guests. Never would I wish upon such a vile and disgusting act.

Psychedelic Sexuality

Psychedelic #Sexuality Why you should masturbate and have lots of sex? It is true to the body. It is the Primal Calling of the mystery known as the body. Why is intimacy very important? It is true to the body. It is the primal call of the body. We are an extremely sexual primate and we must not suppress ourselves. Culture, religion, ideologies, philosophies, and thoughts of any kind suppress our true primate nature.

Thank You USA

Thank you for recognizing the freedom I have to write and think as my mind does without putting me in prison for blasphemy. For this, I am utmost grateful. Thank you for this ‘freedom’ that you’ve not granted me, but recognized that I have. This is what I realized about rights. The founding fathers didn’t grant rights. The simply realized what unalienable rights we DO have. No government has ever given any more rights than the people insisted upon and demanded themselve…s.

Worlds Greatest Problem Is Lack of Self Gnosis

Lack of self-gnosis. Nothing else. If there is a division of thought within oneself, there is conflict, and this inward conflict not only destroys one from within but spills outwardly and destroys others. Violence. Brutality. Hatred. Judgments. Protection of our assumed identities. All born of the anger that comes from a lack of self-knowing. And we are so eager to assume identities. I am white. I am brown. I am Indian.

Why Are We So Eager To Divide?

What are you? What am I? Brown? Indian? American? Labels… What are you? A man? A woman? Another of your choosing? Labels. What are you? Straight? Bi? Muslim? Hindu? Christian? Labels. If you scratch off all the silly labels off of a man, what have you got left? Just the plain monkey flesh. An ordinary man, like you and like myself. No different. We’re all the same. … Why then are we so eager to divide?

What Is An Individual

What Is An Individual? I always praise and talk about the dignity of the individual. For the individual is the only thing that matters. But let us examine today … what is an individual? What does it mean to be indivisible? How can you be a total and complete individual without any division even within yourself? To be an individual is to be completely and totally whole. There must be no division between yourself in order for you to be an individual.

Our Senses Betray And Deceive Us

Whatever I have up till now accepted as most true and assured I have gotten either from the senses or through the senses. But from time to time I have found that the senses deceive, and it is prudent never to trust completely those who have deceived us even once. — Rene Descartes, Meditations On First Philosophsy Psychedelics made me realize this truth. This reality that is contructed by the organs of sense perception cannot be trusted in whole.