DMT Ponderings

Raw Thoughts I write a lot of crap. I need to start cleaning up my blog. :/ Admittedly, I’ve kept myself ignorant of anyone else’s work on DMT. I wanted to remain completely ignorant of any knowledge in the domain of science, as it did not want it to contaminate my research. I am planning on reading the research on it after I’ve finished my book. I’m near completion.

Psychedelic Phoenix

I stand here for all humanity as I say that a beautiful woman is coming to dinner at my humble abode, that a magnificent man wishes to brighten my doorstep, that a young babe or even a ghastly brute shall happenstance upon my shed… I would not want to please my guests. I do not wish to please my guests. Never would I wish upon such a vile and disgusting act.

Psychedelic Sexuality

Psychedelic #Sexuality Why you should masturbate and have lots of sex? It is true to the body. It is the Primal Calling of the mystery known as the body. Why is intimacy very important? It is true to the body. It is the primal call of the body. We are an extremely sexual primate and we must not suppress ourselves. Culture, religion, ideologies, philosophies, and thoughts of any kind suppress our true primate nature.

Psychedelics Are The Means To Inner Discovery

They are not about the colors. They are not about the shapes. They are not about the dancing and the music and the parties. They are not about any of those trivialities. The goal is to find yourself and your own place within the Universe. Otherwise in my humble opinion, you are abusing and misusing psychedelics. Psychedelics are about connecting with the depths of the Universe and being one with yourself.

Blind Monkey

You are a blind monkey. What this means is that you don’t pay attention in life. You’re utterly unaware of the Self. You’re dragging yourself along whatever path instead of the path of the righteous. The righteousness which is virtue is the virtue of Order. And order only ever comes about from deep self-inquiry; from the true Understanding of what is Disorder. It does not come from anyone else. Order does not come from any school of thought.