What Can Science Tell Me About My Subjective Experience

It’s like in the Matrix. The Red pill, or the Blue pill. Either you can journey into yourself, that which is to journey into the Other… or you can’t. And if you find that you are unable to journey into yourself … it’s perfectly fine to keep watching reality TV, keep listening to pop music, keep doing whatever it is you are doing. It’s okay. You’ll realize what all this was about when you lie with the maggots.

You Do Not Understand Science!

“You don’t understand science. You don’t understand religions. You don’t understand spirituality…” Blah blah blah. Who says I have to understand anything? I only ever have to look within and see what is there. I don’t have to understand science or faith, or religion or spirituality or philosophy. All of these things are nothing more than mental shell games designed to keep your mind under control so that it won’t think for itself, unhindered by societal, social, scientific and experiential thinking.