Worlds Greatest Problem Is Lack of Self Gnosis

Lack of self-gnosis. Nothing else. If there is a division of thought within oneself, there is conflict, and this inward conflict not only destroys one from within but spills outwardly and destroys others. Violence. Brutality. Hatred. Judgments. Protection of our assumed identities. All born of the anger that comes from a lack of self-knowing. And we are so eager to assume identities. I am white. I am brown. I am Indian.

Why Are We So Eager To Divide?

What are you? What am I? Brown? Indian? American? Labels… What are you? A man? A woman? Another of your choosing? Labels. What are you? Straight? Bi? Muslim? Hindu? Christian? Labels. If you scratch off all the silly labels off of a man, what have you got left? Just the plain monkey flesh. An ordinary man, like you and like myself. No different. We’re all the same. … Why then are we so eager to divide?

Accept Yourself

Accept your body. Accept your sensations. Accept your mind. Your thoughts. Your conclusions. Stop judging yourself. There is no one else better or smarter than you. They may be able to do certain things better or worse than you in some ways, but they are not better than you and you are not better than anyone else. No one is. You’re you. And you’re the only thing that matters.