Is There Survival Of Consciousness After Death

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There Is Survival of Consciousness After Death? When Man experiences death–the ultimate letting go of sorrow, attachments, regrets, emotions, feelings, beliefs, thoughts and finally physical reality–what happens to the consciousness? Does it survive? Where does “The Self” go after the body dies? Shall we talk about life or death then? Shall we go into Death together? Are you interested in Death? Most people shy away from going deeply into it.

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Is There Survival Of Consciousness After Death

There Is Survival of Consciousness After Death?

When Man experiences death–the ultimate letting go of sorrow, attachments, regrets, emotions, feelings, beliefs, thoughts and finally physical reality–what happens to the consciousness? Does it survive? Where does “The Self” go after the body dies?

Shall we talk about life or death then? Shall we go into Death together? Are you interested in Death? Most people shy away from going deeply into it. Have you noticed how much fuss we make when someone close to us dies? Have you observed this? How they weep and cry? How everyone else cries with you?

So let’s go into this in our minds as we read this article. I just found out the answer to the question of life after death and whether the consciousness survives death or not.

What is Consciousness?

First of all, I think that it must be completely and totally understood what consciousness is. Do you perceive it to be or do you actually realize it to be that your consciousness is not yours, but the consciousness of all humanity? How many of us, who have been conditioned from birth to think that it’s my consciousness which is separate from your consciousness, would accept this truth? How many would realize this as a physical fact that is undeniable? That this is as factual and real as pinching your arm?

Your brain is not yours. Your mind is not yours. And this body is not yours. The only thing that is yours is this consciousness. Your brain is a product of millions of years of evolution through space and time which can be conditioned depending on geography, climate, culture, and various climatic and environmental influences and factors. This is not your brain or your mind. The brain has inherited knowledge and responses to that knowledge, right?

Do you understand this? So it’s not your brain. Thought may tell you, ‘ It is my brain’, thought may say, ‘I am the individual’. Right? That’s our conditioning since birth. Are you an individual? What is an individual? You have a name. You have a body. You have your own beliefs, your own thoughts. You have your own face; tall, short, dark, light… does this make individuality? Does your belonging to a certain type, or a group, or a community, or a country, does that make you different, or make you an individual?

What Is An Individual?

So what is an individual? An individual is he who is not fragmented, but since you are all fragmented you are not individuals. What Is An Individual? I always praise and talk about the dignity of the individual. For the individual is the only thing that matters. But let us examine today … what is an individual? What does it mean to be indivisible? How can you be a total and complete individual without any division even within yourself?

You are the result of the climate, etc., etc., with all its trappings. If this fact is drenching your soul, that is a fact. You may consider yourself, but that’s merely the expression of thought. Thought is and always has been common to all humanity, which based on experience, knowledge, memory, feelings, emotions which are stored in the brain. The brain is the center of all the sensory responses, which is common to all mankind. I hope that you are following this and still with me. This is all very logical and existential.

To be an individual is to be completely and totally whole. INDIVISIBLE. There must be no division between yourself in order for you to be an individual. Yet we are divided. Fragments of our psyche are praised while others are demeaned. We are divided within our own minds. So we are not even really individuals are we? How can we even begin to respect the dignity of the individual if we are ourselves divided within our minds?

What Is The “Me”?

Now you may ask, what happens to me, my mind, my body, my consciousness after it dies? Right? So this is what we are interested in. What happens to me after I die. The “me”.

What is the ‘me’? Your name, how you look, your face, your thoughts, how you are educated, the knowledge you have, your beliefs, your emotions, your memories, your hopes, your fears and anticipations, your career, your family tradition, your religious tradition, your scientific viewpoints, the superstitions, the prejudices, the greed, the animosity, the love, the affection, the ambition, all your ideals… all of that is the ‘me’, isn’t it? Does any of this exist outside of you? You are everything.

This is consciousness

This is your consciousness. That consciousness is common to all humanity because they too are greedy, they too are all so envious, jealous, loving, compassionate, kind, hateful, angry, they are frightened, they want security, they are superstitious, they believe in one kind of god and you believe in another kind of god, some are communists, some are catholic, some are Muslim, some are socialists, some are capitalists, some are Marxists, come are feminists, right?

This is the common factor here in this moment, that you are the rest of mankind in every single moment. You are everything and everyone.

Now granted you may even see this, and agree with this… bu this the ingrained and inherent hypocrisy of it all, that we even though understand this, yet we continue to go on as ‘individuals’. It is grotesque.

Back to Death and What Dies?

Now, what is it that dies? Let us explore this. If my consciousness is the consciousness of all humanity, modified through my own experiences, the consciousness which I think is me is the common consciousness of man then what happens when I die? If the physical body and the brain are destroyed by whatever means, what happens?

The Common Consciousness of Humanity Continues To Live

I wonder if one realizes it. The ultimate perception of this Universal Truth is within yourself. Death has very little meaning because death isn’t a loss. It’s a gaining.

There is no fear of death then. There is fear of death only when I, as an individual, which is the tradition, which the brain has been programmed since childhood, screaming inside my own mind that I am an individual, I am an individual, I believe this and I believe that and so forth.

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When we have such questions, we always look outside of ourselves. I assure you my dear beloved fragments of consciousness, it doesn’t come like that. It will NEVER come like that. It will NEVER come from anyone else. From any method. From any formula. From any system of thought. From any program. From any meditative technique. From any intellectual process of thought. From any data gathered from the organs of sense perception. It simply doesn’t come like that. It won’t come from a book.

I don’t know why you read books; we live on other people’s ideas. We never read the book which is ourselves. We are the history of mankind. You are the eternal book of the Universe. The most mysterious story in the world is your story. You have to read this book. No one else can read it for you. That’s obvious. That book is us. And to read that book carefully, never skipping a letter, a word, a page, a chapter, but to read the whole book, and the reading of that book cannot be taught by another: no guru, no teacher, no sherpa, no saviour, no masters, no psychologist, no professor, no saint, no priest, nobody is going to help you read that book.

I can’t read it for you either. But I can show you how you can read it for yourself. This is why I can’t give you this answer. It won’t come from me or from anyone else. It will only come from within you.

And I can show you how.

But the first thing to realize is that you are that book. Either you can read this book slowly, page by page, chapter by chapter, year after year, until you die and you will never have read it completely.

**Read the book in one glance in a single moment, the whole book, without any motivation, without any sentimentality, without any judgment, bitterness, direction, completely alert and awake within yourself inwardly and not outwardly without conflict, without contradiction within yourself, without any notion of hypocrisy. **

Only then can you read this book, the whole book, in one glance, without ever even having looked at it. That is the paradoxical beauty of life and death.

And you yourself will see what lies beyond this book. The book that is you; The story of the Universe; The mystery of existence; the depths of reality and Being.

The understanding of Being can only ever come from the true understanding of what is non-Being.** - The Stoned Ape

And I can show you how.